What we do

What do we actually do?

Well, we help children of poor families, orphans, attend school and to get an education, we also at the moment assist a little where we can in medical aid, but it is an area where we intend to assist more in the future, and not just for the children, but also for their parents, as the children needs their parents.
We have certain goals, and plans of what we wish to do, and we will update a list of them here below. The setup of these pages will change over time, and you will be able to follow and see how far we have come with our plans and goals.

  1. One such thing is that we wish to to assist the children we support and that have been accepted at the universities, to finish their higher education.
  2. Support Orphanages and make a group where they can sign up for support, and get help to get volunteers for the orphanages.
  3. We will also be opening for volunteers, both for our own organization, but also for the orphanages we work with, medical clinics, and others. This will be a process where we will sign up the different people that are interested and list them and their skills, for us to be able to get a volunteering assignment for them that fits the volunteer.