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Laura Foundation Projects Logo

Laura Foundation Projects Logo

Laura Foundation is a project aimed at providing help to girls with sanitary pads so they can keep attending school in Western Kenya. The project started during the COVID – 19 when many girls were left helpless and without sanitary pads because their parents lost their jobs. So far the Laura Foundation Project has managed to donate more than 5000 sanitary pads packages reaching more than 2000 girls and 200 women.
The Laura Foundation has also managed to train over 2500 Girls in the proper use of sanitary pads. Laura’s aim is to reach all girls with sanitary pads and boys and girls in Western Kenya by donating educational materials that can help them in school.
It is the aim of Moins Fortunes to help and assist the Laura Foundation Project to deliver Sanitary pads to as many girls as possible in the region so that they can attend school, we do this by supplying reusable, and washable sanitary pads that we will be purchasing from local manufacture so that we also keep the economy in the area. The pads will be available through donations from you, and you can donate what is needed through this link for Laura Foundation. You will be able to make both a one-time donation and later a recurring donation.

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