Executive Membership

MOINS FORTUNES members are a powerful and important group of individuals who support our work helping children and their surroundings. Membership supports us in the work we do for and with the children and in collaboration with other local like-minded NGOs, international organizations, and our extensive network of experts and partners. You will also be listed in our network support list which is only available for members.

  1. How much does an executive membership cost?
    1. A executive membership will cost 250, – Euro a year or about 20,83 – euros a month.
  2. What does this executive membership fee cover?
    1. It covers general expenses for the administration of “Moins Fortunes” including salaries for local staff in East Africa that will send out newsletters for you about once or twice every quarter, simple assistance to the less fortunate, marketing, first aid kits for communities will be shared out, other minor administrative expenses such as Office material, and general administration costs.


  • You can help increase the visibility of the less fortunate children and their families, communities, and their struggle for their rights and the work of MOINS FORTUNES by participating in calls to action, signing appeals, and helping to spread the word about important causes and events.
  • You will receive news and information about MOINS FORTUNE’s work, opportunities for volunteering, and local positions with us through our member newsletter.
  • You will get digital access to our important annual publication “Less Fortunate” before everyone else, you can also buy the book.
  • You will be invited to virtual meetings on topics related to our work.
  • You can sign up for our upcoming member forum, where you will find documents about our organization that are only available to members.
  • You can take part in elections for MOINS FORTUNE’s advisory board.
  • You are invited to our members’ meeting, where we discuss organizational issues and important themes for the Less Fortunate. On the agenda in previous years have been, among other things, school constructions, help with renewable energy, health and surgeries, volunteering, and human rights for children and their communities. The members’ meeting has advisory status in relation to the board.

Executive membership of MOINS FORTUNES is paid for via an annual contribution. You can cancel your membership at any time through your PayPal subscription.

What does membership mean? A Membership means that when we have a minimum of 300 members, and 100 donations of a minimum of 27,5 – Euro a year we will be able to receive more support and be able to support even more children and their families in need, this is a very important goal for us to reach.

Accounts of how funds were spent will be available every year for public view.

Executive Membership is 250,- Euro a year.
You can also choose to be a standard or medium Member of Moins Fortunes.