Sanitary pads for Girls and women

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Laura Foundation sanitary pads

The Kit

The sanitary Kit consists of four sanitary Pads, a carry pouch, a manual and a bag, 2 panties, and soap, total cost per kit is about 10,50, – USD.

Our kits have been designed alongside our users to find the best solution for them. The unique shape and the traditional African look make our pads perfect for girls and women. For this cause, we wish to reach about 1000 Girls in Western Kenya. Reaching the 1000 sets of Pads does not mean we stop collecting funds for the women and girls in need, so keep giving and we will keep you updated.

The Pad
The sanitary Pads

The sanitary Pads

The pads have four different layers that secure our pads and don’t leak when used. The soft material on top makes the pads comfortable to wear and the buttons make sure the pad stays in place.

The Carry Pouch
The Carry Pouch

The Carry Pouch

Our carry pouch is an essential tool in ensuring that our pads are used again and again. The pouch has a waterproof layer inside which enables our users to carry used pads with them without leaking.

The Bag
The bag for pads

The bag for pads

The bag is what holds our four pads, our carry pouch and our manual. The bag can afterwards be used for toiletries etc.

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