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Below is the progress of our charity campaigns to support projects in East Africa related to children, communities, abuse, the environment, climate, etc.

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Computers for schools

At Moins Fortunes we believe that every child is entitled to equal opportunity. Your support is therefore extremely important and can help us change the lives of future generations and help them reach their true potential.

We are therefore looking for your donation to purchase and donate computers to the schools and set up learning systems with them and volunteers. Each system costs around 650,- Euro and is bought locally to support the local economy in the countries we are present in.

Education is a significant part of one’s life, it helps future generations gain knowledge of the world, build opinions and further their career, but not every child is given the same opportunity, many of our future generations are struggling to learn more and to learn how to use computers and improve their skills. It is not fair that a child’s education should suffer because of something as simple as upbringing or money.

Waste of electrical and electronic equipment such as computers, and cell phones, is one the fastest growing waste streams around the world. We do receive refurbished computers, however, we prefer new systems as IT changes so fast today, that a refurbished system for a school might become obsolete fairly fast and will be part of the electronic waste, which will affect the environment in the areas they are located.

We work to create sustainable and effective projects in the areas we work in East Africa. We work with primary, secondary and higher education schools, and small local organisations so we get out into the villages as well to give the youth in those areas a chance to learn.

Our work aims to improve outcomes for students, teachers, entrepreneurs and the communities they are in by providing them with technology and training. we are therefore also seeking volunteers to teach IT/Computer classes, and teach local teachers how to work with the system.
See more about that here.

If you wish to donate computers or laptops as a company or an organisation that we can distribute to our projects, or use internally in our organisation, please contact us.

REMEMBER: you can donate as little as 5,- Euro, but a desktop computer, or laptop cost about 650,- Euro so we ask you to donate more if you can or for a full system. Even if you reach our donation goal, we ask you to keep donating as our goal of 26.000,- Euro will be enough for about 40 systems, and will cover about 4 to 6 projects, but there are many more in need.

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