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Clean safe drinking water with SaWa bags

We ask you to give funds for the SaWa Bags which will cost around 4,50 – USD each including administration, and logistics for the delivery of the bags, to schools, rural medical clinics, remote villages, Maasai Bomas, etc. Our first goal is to raise funds for 5.000 SaWa bags, but it does not stop there, the donation will stay open even if we reach 5.000 SaWa bags so that we can keep helping and supporting the ones in need of clean drinking water. We will update you with news on how many bags have been supplied and where.

In developing countries where 80% of illnesses are due to poor water and sanitation, the lack of clean drinking water directly contributes to the spreading of diseases like dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, and more. In East Africa, poor water quality and sanitation are one of the leading causes of these potentially deadly diseases. Furthermore, many people in East African countries are classified as ‘very arid’ and constrained by limited access to reliable water sources. When seasonal climate changes result in droughts and floods, water retention adds to the multiple challenges facing the rural communities in East Africa.

SaWa Bags in village

SaWa Bags in the village


The design of the SaWa Bag is mindfully developed with user needs as the focal point. The choice and composition of the plastic are chosen in order to combine strength, high UV penetration and a long life span. The dark blue colour on the backside of the product increases the temperature to 45+ degrees and does this faster than with a light background. This decreases the time the product needs to be in the sun to decontaminate the water.

SaWa is furthermore designed with two weldings in the middle, which makes sure the plastic does not bulge out. This means that the water depth is lower, allowing the sun to reach through the water to the bottom of the bag, thus accelerating the purification process.
It is an all-in-one solution that includes a manual for use, a handle, features for hanging it up and a tap for easy dispensing of the water which altogether minimizes the risk of misuse.


The performance efficacy of SaWa Bag has been assessed according to international standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) for removing three different classes of microorganisms, i.e., bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in drinking water.

SaWa Bag is CE marked and conforms with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC under EEA legislation.

  1. Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Certificate of Analysis

  2. Ministry of Water and Environment Uganda, Certificate of Analysis
  3. Makerere University Uganda, Certificate of Analysis
  4. Kenya Bureau of Standards, Certificate of Analysis
  5. Rwanda Standards Board, Certificate of Analysis
  6. India Water Quality Association, Certificate of Membership
  7. Ghana Standards Authority, Certificate of Analysis
  8. Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Nigeria Certificate of Analysis
  9. Danish Hydro Institute, Certificate of Analysis

Read more about the SaWa bag here

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