Donation management

We also manage donation portfolios from minor to major donors.

Moins Fortunes is a Danish NGO in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. With donation management, we handle donations from anonymous donors and others. We are not the ones giving out the funding. However, we check out the different projects that are eligible for these donations and approve the projects, where after the donors delegate the funds for the projects, in stages that fit each project.

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Our team

Our donors come in all shapes and sizes and the donations they do for specific projects can be smaller ones as you see the few smaller projects, we are getting funding to. The projects are usually within the project areas we work with, but at times a donor will ask us to look for certain projects outside the area of our area of focus. We do this for the donors, or we send them a list of projects we have vetted for future support from Different NGOs in East Africa

What to do If you would like to get on our list of NGOs that are looking for support from donors, use our contacts here.

We handle the vetting of projects, NGOs, etc., and hand over the information to the donor, who now might ask us to get the paperwork done between them and the NGOs. Thereafter the Donor will through their financial institution/fund deal with disbursing the funds out to the NGOs.

Moins Fortunes will still assist both parties during the process.

Donate & Save Lives

When you donate you are part of not just educating
the children and giving them a better life. You are
also helping save lives as these children, their families
and their community get better and will be able to
assist each other better in improving their livelihood.


What Our Donors and volunteers says

It was a pleasure to work with the kids while being a volunteer with Moins Fortunes - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Ida Kristin

The feeling of being part of building a new school for children in need, and making them able to reach a higher education means a lot. I was part of brick laying, and also managed to teach somenew technics to the local partners, as they showed me new things

Thomas Jörgensen

Moins Fortunes do a wonderful job with the kids, there were kids with autism, handicaps like limbs, and more that require our help, and we saw the support they had been given. I would definitely volunteer again!

Lorraine Baines

Donate Today to Save Children From Trauma