Donation for MF

What does a “Donation for MF” mean? A donation for MF (Moins Fortunes) is a donation that Moins Fortunes can use for different purposes. It could be urgent cases, where there is no time to make a separate cause and get donations for it. So more in the list here below.

Things a general subscription donation can and will be used for.

  • Urgent cause
    • An urgent cause could be a child (their parent) having a medical emergency, a school or other organisations we work with could have a need for funds to solve an urgent issue.
  • Causes we feel need support.
    • It could be girls needing sanitary pads, besides that it could be a parent asking for help for a child to attend school, food for a family with children, etc.
  • What Moins Fortunes need
    • Moins Fortunes also needs your support to run the general administration of MF, this could include marketing, general administration cost, not excluding the below points. (Notice, we are also looking for other donations for bigger items for Moins Fortunes but they will be listed on another page, and referred to. All details will be availe every year in the accounts.)
    • First aid kits (for staff, office, communities, being shared out.
    • Office material
    • Other minor administrative expenses.
The subscription is at the moment is set at 10,- Euro a month.
If you wish for a higher amount, send us a small message, and we can send you a special link for a different amount until you can choose the amount yourself.