Children and East Africa, here we come

On the 6th of April in the morning, I will be leaving Denmark with a flight for Arusha, Tanzania, here I will not only be working with “Moins Fortunes” its children and projects but also with Victoria Expeditions that supports Moins Fortunes.

Working together with Victoria Expeditions enables us to support more children, and have other people and staff assist us when needed. As the weeks will pass we will be posting information, news, and other info here about what is going on and what is happening in Tanzania and Kenya as we work our way around the two countries and visit some of the children and projects that we support.
We will be visiting a school project in Mianzini in Arusha we are supporting, we will be updated on what other help they could use, and about a new project, the school is working on. We will also have to look at our other projects and causes, such as assistance to street children, support for children to attend school, Medical aid for the less fortunate, the Girls Sanitary pads project, projects that deal with FGM, and more.

Mads Moelgaard Denmark

Mads Moelgaard Denmark

You will be able to see pictures and hear stories about the communities that the children live in and how they deal with hard times, but also what they see as good times, for both themselves and their children.

So please follow us here and share the word and as you spread the word, we hope people will support the children by donating to our causes, and by buying one of the products we sell from local organisations that supports the local communities, women and children.

Best Regards

Mads Moelgaard