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The biggest movements came together years back under the banner of Making Poverty an urgent action for more and better aid, debt cancellation and trade justice. Together with a coalition of organizations, many were convinced to wear white bands and send emails to the Ministers about poverty.
As a result, the campaign ensured that poverty around the world was placed higher on the national and global agenda than ever before, the G8 leaders cancelled the debts of several poor countries, aid to Africa was doubled, and promises of huge new financial aid. Significant steps were made, and the fight against poverty continues and will continue in the future.

We wish to thank you for your interest in supporting Moins Fortunes! There are several ways to get involved with Moins Fortunes. 

VOLUNTEERS: We have limited capacity to host volunteers and interns at our locations in Tanzania and Kenya. We do however have some projects where we have accommodation allocated for our volunteers, these positions are listed on these pages.
Please get in touch with us if you are interested in volunteering, mentioning any specialized professional or language skills.
Notice that as NGO we do not have unlimited resources so each volunteer position has a cost per week that covers Accommodation, food, and Transport and is paid by the volunteer from around 90 to 250 USD, and you can volunteer from a minimum of 4 weeks to 52 weeks.
In a short time, all of this will be handled through one of the international volunteer page organisations.

Some of the volunteers we are looking for are:


We are also looking for volunteers in your location to do fundraising, or to help us connect with people online to get donations for our work. If you are a student and have at minimum 6 hours per week or more that you can commit to volunteering, we would love to hear from you.

Host a Party: If you would like to share the work of MOINS FORTUNES with your friends and you enjoy entertaining, consider hosting a fundraising party! Gather a small group of people to learn more about what help children around East Africa need the most, what else we can do to help them, their families, and communities on that day, and how MOINS FORTUNES supports the children, parents, communities, and how you and your community can assist. Send an email to to learn more.
We will list your fundraising in our event calendar.

Become an Ambassador for Moins Fortunes:
Do you have a passion for children, translate it into raising funds or sharing the work online. Connecting your social media community to MOINS FORTUNES or organising a fundraiser for MOINS FORTUNES on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or in your local media (newspaper, radio, TV) is a wonderful way to connect to your community while taking a powerful stand on important issues, expressing your values, and mobilizing critical support.

You will be amazed by the people who will step up and contribute when you endorse a greater cause. By using your connections for the larger good and joining the dedicated and talented team at MOINS FORTUNES in supporting the children you become theirs and our hero.
We will do all we can to provide you with materials and guidance so you can unleash your talents and make a difference in the world!