The Albehije Frankosea Pre-& Primary school is an inclusive education initiative to support vulnerable and marginalized children to access quality, affordable and reliable education. The school was established in 1995 as Early Childhood Development – ECD to support orphans, street children, young mothers and children with special needs from poor families. The school initially supported them in general human life survival. Then the school identified the need and demand of preparing the little children for their pre-primary education. Then after pre-primary education, the need and demand for primary education for these children emerged. The impulse for establishing the ECD was the result of the cries of tears from the most marginalized and vulnerable children of the Kikwe ward. These children had no hope for education or life security. These children were begging in the streets eating from the thrown leftovers around the roads without knowing where to go and where to cornerstone their needs as human beings. In 2007 the school was visited by Ministers of education from seventeen [17] countries including Tanzania to observe ECD’s programs in Arusha. It was during this visit that Albehije’s ECD program was advised and urged to register as Pre & primary school.

Kikwe School project classrooms for boys and girls

Kikwe School project classrooms for boys and girls

The school was fully registered as Pre & primary school in 2008 and it has been continuing to receive pupils/children from remote areas in Arusha who are most vulnerable to access Pre & primary education. The school has managed to have inclusive education by using skilled, professional, talented and motivational teachers. These teachers and supporting staff were polished with the spirit of love, care and tenderness to children of various backgrounds and special needs. The school in realizing its goal make use of counsellors, health professionals, matrons and patrons. The results of handling with care have abled many students with disabilities to become academically competent and achieved to pass their exams regardless of their disabilities and needs. These students are normally provided with free education, food and other educational materials with the help of volunteers (well-wishers) who visit the school coming from abroad.

On the other side, when these pupils complete and pass standard seven exams they join Government secondary schools where they are supposed to go with mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, buckets, hoes and other tools and equipment. The Albehije has the duty and obligation to support them in acquiring these requirements. When these students enrol on Government secondary schools missed out on some other subjects such as computer applications and International languages (French). They also lack sports and games emphasis, support, care, handling and motivation as they were receiving it at Albehije Pre-& primary school. As a result of this, some of them lose their studying and learning interest which lead to dropout and thus go back to the streets and engage in improper behaviour which hinders their socio-economic development and general life of human dignity.

The goal and objective of the Albehije are to produce various professionals of the middle level with unique calibres and trends in addressing the real socio-economic problems of society and offer them quality and sustainable solutions. The Albehije aim to aid students to access better secondary education which shall enhance and develop their studying continuation. The Albehije Management initiated the project with the land acquisition for the secondary school construction at Kikwe ward in Arusha District in the size of sixteen [16] acres with the support of the well-wishers.

Kikwe School project roof rails made

Kikwe School project roof rails made

The Albehije Frankosea experience and expertise in running, administering and managing educational projects are sound and bold coupled with far above twenty [20] years for its owners, that operate, administer and manage the Albehije Pre and Primary Schools with the dedicated mission, vision and objectives. Over the years its achievements are noted and ranked in the level of sound remarks.

The experience of the Albehije in conducting and implementing programmes and projects of this nature can never be doubted due to the bold educational background and real practical experience of the Chief Executive Officer – CEO. There are a number of successes brought from running the Albehije Pre & primary school including the following to mention but are few:

  • Albehije has helped the helpless: There was a child without arms received in the school at the age of infancy. The school brought him up to the age of Pre-school where he was enrolled. The child was taught and supported by qualified teachers to the level of mastering his Pre & primary education. There was also noted support for this child from his classmates, patron and health professionals. The child was taught how to write using his leg. Fellow pupils, teachers and supporting staff supported him with toilet amenities and other services of need such as; carrying his school handbag, sending him to the bathroom and etc. The pupil managed to complete primary education with flying colours. The challenges and difficulties in Government secondary school where he was admitted did not have Albehije’s Pre & primary school facilities and care. In secondary school, his fellow students were amazed and astonished by his disability and started to stigmatize him. This reduced his learning and studying morale and spirit which lead to low academic performance. In other words, there was no friendly environment for him to learn and study as opposed to Albehije Pre & primary school where he was able to perform well in his final examination and went to a special talent school.
  • Apart from this story; there were also students with various disabilities at Albehije Pre & primary school including those with mental challenges (Autism) and those with spinal problems. These pupils were similarly assisted by their peers in a way that those with spinal problems were able to walk smoothly and those with mental challenges were able to cool down, and concentrate on their studies and socialization.
  • Albehije wiped the unstoppable tears of the voiceless: A greater number of street children and orphans have been helped by Albehije picked from vulnerable families and high-risk areas where it was difficult to change the unchangeable. Being at Albehije they feel proud under intensive care and several counselling sessions tailored with close supervision, handling and support. These kinds of services are lacking in the Government secondary schools that mismatched their interests and habits. In addition, studying with fellows from rich families distanced their passion for schooling something that results in confusion and frustration when they compare their lives with those of others as if it had led some students to disconnect from school.
  • Kikwe School project water storage - dorms sports - ground and farming

    Kikwe School project water storage – dorms sports – ground and farming

    Albehije poured into an empty cup: whenever the impossible appears, Albehije entered in demand by seeking possibilities to support the pupils in need with required amenities/equipment for pursuing their secondary studies.

  • Albehije Unlocked doors for social change and opportunities: Orphans and Street children who have graduated high school and are at university, when they are on holiday they come to Albehije to volunteer and teach their fellow pupils by testifying their academic success while encouraging them to never stop learning. This is an outcome for Albehije using the implanted seeds to harvest helping characters and habits that can continually support others in need.

Based on the challenges experienced by students in secondary schools from Albehije Pre & primary school, the situation has created an incentive to establish a secondary school so that pupils can adapt to their habitual lives and thus develop interests in studying comfortably and inclusively. The ambitions and demands of this story are objectively at three phases of continuation as follows.

  • PHASE I: Construction of secondary school classrooms, toilets, administration block, science laboratories, Library, dormitories, Septic tanks, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Store, Dining hall, Electricity and water infrastructures.
    You can donate to phase one here.
  • PHASE II: Expansion of secondary school to high school, construction of classrooms and dormitories
  • PHASE III: Construction of vocational training institute.

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