Who We Are

We are not here for income, but for a better outcome

Moins Fortunes is a Danish NGO, that works in Tanzania and Kenya, we help children in East Africa get an education to make themselves & their communities more robust, we also have other causes related to children, their education, surroundings, and the environment. Click the button below to see who is a part of us, Our team. Else read more about Moins Fortunes below.

Our team

For more than 9 years Moins Fortunes a Danish NGO registered in September 2013, has had it as its goal to help Orphans, Homeless (Children), and children of poor families to attend school and get an education to improve not just their own life but also the community around them.
We also have a focus on Medical and the environment around the children and their families.

Besides that, we work together with other organizations to help other groups, such as helping young girls with sanitary pads, against early pregnancies (From 9 years of age it has been seen), to early marriages, where a family would marry away their young daughters, for survival.

Why and how did Moins Fortunes start?

Well, in 2010-2011 the founder Mads Molgaard went to visit a Tanzanian friend that had started a school with his wife to help and assist the children of poor families and challenged children that others would not teach or had given up on.

When the founder saw the more than 150 children run to meet him and talk to this strange mzungu (White person/European) and he saw how they were happy and smiling, he was deeply touched. Since that day he started working towards the goal of being able to help as many children as possible to go to school and get an education. Still, not just that, his wish is that the organization will be able to help children beyond Primary and secondary school (High School) so that they can get assistance to finish a higher degree if they have the option to attend higher education.

After a few years of helping on his own, he registered Moins Fortunes in Denmark in September 2013, and the work started.

Our funding

The majority of our funding is coming from you our donor and partners in the business community, but we also sell products made locally that benefits the local community, like our Organic coffee, and some are also registered as fair trade, the honey and their byproducts such as skin salve, and lip balm are made by women in a remote Maasai village, and so forth.

The products we sell in our webshop support the local communities, with a special focus on women’s groups and where they can also impact children. We also sell products that have artwork on them, these products are Printed around the world and delivered directly to you, but the artwork is made by local artists in Tanzania and Kenya helping the artist make a living for themselves and their families.

We have also assisted with medical service in a few serious cases, this is something we would like to expand and will look more into in the near future. Here we are planning to make a special medical aid cause so that the less fortunate can request medical help/aid from clinics we will be working together with.

Donate & Save Lives

When you donate you are part of not just educating
the children and giving them a better life. You are
also helping save lives as these children, their families
and their community get better and will be able to
assist each other better in improving their livelihood.


What Our Donors and volunteers says

It was a pleasure to work with the kids while being a volunteer with Moins Fortunes - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Ida Kristin

The feeling of being part of building a new school for children in need, and making them able to reach a higher education means a lot. I was part of brick laying, and also managed to teach somenew technics to the local partners, as they showed me new things

Thomas Jörgensen

Moins Fortunes do a wonderful job with the kids, there were kids with autism, handicaps like limbs, and more that require our help, and we saw the support they had been given. I would definitely volunteer again!

Lorraine Baines

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